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Smokin Pics of Bar Rafaeli in Bikini

August 4, 2008

I have to honestly give some props up to Leo DiCaprio (or whatever) and his ability to snatch up the hottest young women out there, and have them wrapped around his fingers until he moves on to his next great conquest.  I mean he seriously is living the life that men dream…and fantasize about.  Take […]

X Games compared to “Real Sports” and UFC

August 4, 2008

I honestly think that guys and girls in Xgames are some of the most exciting and exhilirating athletes to watch and would really appreciate some effort on their owners/producers/promoters on getting their names out there and mainstream.  I mean look at the UFC.  They were down and out, considered more of a joke than the […]

Anna Kournikova Sporting New Set of Boobs?

August 3, 2008

If any of you people out there have ever seen Anna Kournikova and consider yourself an expert on the many sections of her anatomy you might finally have reason to start studying again.  It seems that in the recent future, there may have been an increase in her assets in the northern region of her […]

Emma Frain does Wii Fit in Bikini

August 3, 2008

Nintendo in all its infinite wisdom put out the Nintendo Wii and now the Wii Fit board, which does many things well…and definitely promotes healthy activity.  However, this video will show you why hot girls shaking their booty is also what it promotes…..

ERIN ANDREWS: Complaining People Only Looking at Her Body

August 3, 2008

• Erin Andrews pleeds with people to stop leering at her bodacious body, and instead focus on the baseball game: “I think my overall reaction is that it’s really sad that in 2008 … I have people watching every single move I make,” Andrews said. “When there’s a big game between the Cubs and Brewers […]

Hot Girls that Tear It Up! Literally they’ll whoop on you!

August 2, 2008

Maxim brings us ‘The 8 Hottest Girls in Action Sports’ and shows us that there are actually girls out there that can could kick your butt, but they can also look mighty fine.  I personally have decided to start watching cycling because of this article.  But unfortunately for those of you out there that are […]