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Phelps: Greatest Olympian EVER

We take pride in our own, and he has become a symbol of the pride we as Americans feel when we talk Olympics.

So, please continue to support our athletes and troops because they symbolize the greatness of America, and the extremely high level of pride we as Americans should feel, respect, and acknowledge.

Most Olympic Gold Medals
Athlete, Country Sport Medals
Michael Phelps, USA Swimming
2004 (6); ’08 (5)
Carl Lewis, USA Track and field
1984 (4); ’88 (2); ’92 (2); ’96 (1)
Mark Spitz, USA Swimming
’68 (2); ’72 (7)
Larysa Latynina, USSR Gymnastics
’56 (4); ’60 (3); ’64 (2)
Paavo Nurmi, FIN Track and field
’20 (3); ’24 (4); ’28 (2)

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