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You need want a nice Christmas gift….well check out Jessica Jane Clement in some lingeriehere



Lindsay Lohan does Playboy

Update – The files containing Lindsay’s Playboy pics were supposedly ‘asked’ to be removed from the site I linked to, so I had to put up a link to a somewhat lame gallery where she has these stupid stars covering up her girly regions…so pretty much it sucks compared to what you would’ve seen if you checked out this site anytime over the past week and a half.  (hopefully this is a lesson that you need to subscribe)

Lame gallery here

Wow..I know she is a little messed up and probably clinically psychotic, but damn does she have a nice body.

Check out the pics here


I would probably be one of the biggest doubters out there…especially with his new name (really I can’t call it a name because usually names last longer than a couple of weeks).  So, with his new sticker nametag for the week, I am pleasantly surprised by his latest hit and I thought I should put something up to show some love…gotta love a comeback that doesn’t suck.


Here are the pics of the hot gymnast, Alison Carroll, whose actions and body will be used to help create the gaming version of Laura Croft. The game is said to have a very fluid feel to the controls and users will be able to really make her do some spectacular stunts and moves throughout the game. But for now gamers near and far can appreciate the girl who helped give our virtual Laura Croft her moves…pics


In these days of wars, death, crime, and despair being experienced all around the world, finally we have become witness to a story of imaginable greatness and accomplishing what many thought was truly impossible.  Michael Phelps, a young 23-year old swimmer from Baltimore, not only did he win at the Olympics, not only did he go on to break numorous world records, not only did he shatter Mark Spitz’s36-year old record of 7 gold medals, he captivated the World with his everlasting endurance and fortitude and his inability to give up on his dream.  This is ranked by many as the single-greatest feat ever accomplished, and in my opinion he now has proved himself worthy of being considered the single greatest athlete…..EVER!  The most decorated Olympian ever, 8 gold medals in the 2008 Olympic games, numorous world championships, etc, etc….and still more to come.  There are so many good articles out there right now and I urge America to soak this in.  Like I said before, with so much heartache, destruction, and pain right now in the world we as Americans, and world behind us, and stand up and soak this story in.  The story of an impossible feat, becoming possible, through hardwork and following your dream.  Thank you Michael Phelps for helping people believe, and giving them a reason to stand up and cheer, when so many people struggle to find reasons not to cry.

Spitz says it is epic [here]

you rank [here]

article [rethink greatness]

each race broken down [here]



Saw this really nice article about the up and coming new Batman game supposedly called “Arkham Asylum”.

Game looks nice….go check it out here


It seemed like, while watching the game between USA and Greece, that the Americans had shed their smiles and silly attitudes and seriously came to this game to show how dominant they are.  They seemed like a team that knew they were going to win, and there was nothing the other team could do about it.  They all were playing extremely aggressively and their motors never died….just watch all the replays of the dunkfest and swatfest (dunks/blocks).  It was awesome to see, and it really did shed light on the fact that the only thing that can beat them, is themselves and their inability to show up when it’s needed.  Take a look at this report [more]


This game is ridiculous and for the ‘true’ Madden fans you may be completely satisfied with the improvements, but you may also be let down by the lack of ‘attention’ that franchise mode, superstar mode, and online leagues received.  I personally was immediately surprised by the improvements (i.e. Madden IQ), but after playing for a couple of days I feel sort of **blah** about it.  I mean don’t get me wrong I like the game and the improvements are incredible, but there are a couple of areas where I was just left wanting more.  Please read below, I have included some tidbits for your reading.

The Good

  • Cris Collinsworth’s commentary is superb
  • Backtrack feature breaks down exactly why a play failed and rewinding lets you try again
  • Formation audibles allow you to change plays without tipping your hand
  • Vastly improved visuals
  • Tight controls and varied player animations.

The Bad

  • Quirks and glitches hamper otherwise solid gameplay
  • Superstar and Franchise modes have received almost no attention
  • Madden IQ feature isn’t as helpful as it claims to be
  • Tom Hammond and John Madden’s voice work is poor
  • Online leagues are a huge letdown.

[read more]

Critic Scores

EA Sports’ Madden Challenge Schedule Released

[go to]



Even though she ruined it for the entire USA women’s gymnastics team (in terms of getting the gold), and they lost to the cyborg Chinese women’s team that couldn’t mess up.  She still is smokin and should give just about any healthy guy out there a reason….a good reason….to take up watching USA women’s gymnastics.  Well, at least when she is out there. [more pics]


Here is a picture of Spain’s finest (Olympic Basketball Team) mockingly making fun of people of Asian descent with a very obvious gesture of taking their fingers and making their eyes more slanted to imitate the general looks of possibly the Chinese people….and may all in all end up offending more than just one country…..which may easily total over 1.5 billion people offended by one picture.  Way to go guys….at least it wasn’t us going over there and embarressing ourselves.

What the heck where they thinking....?

What the heck where they thinking....?

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