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Kevin Durant thinks he is the best….is he even one of the top 5?

DurantI’ve long been a KD fan, ever since he was at Texas tearing it up scoring and rebounding like the freakish beanpole with amazing God-given talents that he always has been.  Then he went to Seattle and then to OKC and has just been crazy fun to watch and extremely humble…which in my mind made him even more tolerable and likeable then his counterparts that were also working to take over the league from Kobe…Lebron, Mello, DWade, Darko, etc…

However, fast forward a couple years and knowing now that he is frail (imagine that) and prone to injury and I’m sorry but reliability is important…just ask Westbrook how nice it would’ve been to have KD at the end of last season.  But now he has adopted some of the more annoying habits of some of the other egotistical players and is now proclaiming to be the ‘best basketball player in the world’ and I’m sorry but it just annoys me.  I’m not saying I don’t want him to win more MVPs and go torch Lebron now, I’m just disappointed that he has abandoned the ‘I’ll say less and let my play on the court get me attention’ and has instead borrowed so many others M.O.’s of talking in order to get attention….and that runs contrary to the KD that I’ve always liked.  (+article)

What do you think?


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