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Tim Tebow to the Jets….let the magic begin

Tim Tebow to New York Jets

First let me start off by saying that I really am so, so, so sorry for Mark Sanchez…..because the pressure to succeed that he has felt for the past couple of years is going to seem like a soothing bubble bath with his best bud Timmy compared to what he’s going to have to deal with now.  Every INT or fumble, or every game or even practice where he doesn’t completely light it up, he’s gonna start hearing the, “TEBOW, TEBOW, TEBOW…” (you get the idea) chants.

In one of the links below it said, “Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said the team is looking at Tebow as a backup for Mark Sanchez, not a replacement.

“Every quarterback in the NFL has a backup, we just changed who ours is and we feel good about it,” Tannenbaum said. “How many plays Tim plays in one game, Rex and Tony will decide that. But we have a vision for the player, we have a role for the player.”

Now I’m a little unsure of my stance on Tebow, other than I think he is used to winning and has a knack for coming up big in those crucial moments.  I can still remember the first 3 quarters of a game where he played like complete and utter garbage when a lot of people can’t or choose not to.  However, there is something to being clutch, a very hard worker, and a natural leader that I feel teams aren’t appreciating and a lot of people aren’t either.  I do feel Tebow should start as soon as he has the playbook down, because we’ve seen what Sanchez has to offer and it is the inverse to what Tebow offers….he plays ok during the game but can’t come up big when it counts.  If anything the Jets and the media circus that is New York, will be buzzing and the talk of the town because of the main event…Tim Tebow…and all his Christian girlfriends 😉

I’ve included a couple links below on Tim and what others think he brings to the table

Article on why Tim Tebow is a leader – here

Obviously Joe Namath doesn’t like it –  here

Jets CB (Antonio Cromartie) questions this move – here

And here is a NYC tabloid talking about it – here

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