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There are no arguments … Phelps is the greatest Olympian ever!

Having won 5 Gold Medals already, and fashionably doing so while breaking of the world records associated with each event, here stands Michael Phelps.  Only 23 years old, and now there is no arguing the fact that he is the single greatest Olympian EVER!  He now has 11 Gold Medals, which a chance to end up with 14 after the Olympics in Beijing are over.  He is gracious, quiet, not overly cocky, hard-working, likeable, and the list goes on….but the one thing that separates him from the others is the fact that he works harder, swims faster, and continues to crush every competitor and world record standing in front of him……or swimming for that matter.

He is an American through and through, giving his all day in and day out to compete at the highest imaginable level.  He has helped throw swimming back in the limelight of American households, and has just about every American and team USA fan standing up and screaming at the t.v., cheering him on, urging him, pushing him, carrying him to unimaginable heights as an Olympian. [more]

2 Responses to “There are no arguments … Phelps is the greatest Olympian ever!”

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