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Reason to watch Gymnastics …. Sacramone


Even though she ruined it for the entire USA women’s gymnastics team (in terms of getting the gold), and they lost to the cyborg Chinese women’s team that couldn’t mess up.  She still is smokin and should give just about any healthy guy out there a reason….a good reason….to take up watching USA women’s gymnastics.  Well, at least when she is out there. [more pics]

5 Responses to “Reason to watch Gymnastics …. Sacramone”

  1. she is an olympian people!!!! give her the credit and THE RESPECT she deserves!!!!!!! SHE IS THERE REPRESENTING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!along with the other ladies on the team….. yes she is beautiful, but try not to objectify her or the other female gymnasts so much!! they work hard to do what they do… show some appreciation….

  2. we’re all giving her credit and the respect she deserves. its not like we’re not showing our appreciation. we are. and its not like females dont objectify men anyway.

    we love looking at sexy women and we love talking about it. women love looking at sexy men talking about them. its been going on for centuries. dont try to change it because you will fail.

  3. Hell yeaah dude thts unrespectful…at least u need attention and pls!!!! They r amazing women …Respect bro

  4. Alicia is stilll out their, looking great as always and she still makes me want to stick my cock up her beautiful ass!

  5. I want her on my d

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