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Best Olympic Swimming Race EVER!

Did you ever see a swimming race/relay like the one like the 4x100m men’s freesyle relay?  I highly doubt!  The race was one for the ages and one that I will remember for probably the rest of my life…easy.  It had the drama: you have Bernard (from France) talking about “smashing” the Americans, and you have Phelps needing this win to secure his goal of a possible 8 Gold medals.  Then, you add in the fact that this even was one of the ones that the USA dominated for many years, until 2000 when they received the silver, and then followed it up in 2004 with a bronze.
Here’s a brief recap of the relay.

1st Leg of Relay – Michael Phelps, he got out good and raced hard and was up front when he tagged the wall.

2nd Leg of Relay – Garrett Weber-Gale, he got off really good (no pun intended) and pretty much stood head-to-head (again no pun intended) with both France and Australia, who were both right there with USA up until this point.  There might might’ve been about a tenth of second given up here, but not much.

3rd Leg of Relay – Cullen Jones, he looked strong out of the gates but by the turn and really from 70m-100m he stiffened up and conceeded about six-tenths of a second to the french and was about even with the Australians.

4th Leg of the Relay – Jason Lezak, began strong but was not closing in on the french (Ian Bernard, former WR holder and guy trash-talking the US) actually the frenchie was pulling away and it was estimated that following the turn he was about 7-8 tenths of a second ahead of Lezak.  And all throughout the last 50m it looked like there was no way the USA could catch the french team, but something miraclous happened in the last 20 feet.  Jason Lezak turned it up a notch and I swear the increase in his speed seemed to simutaneously drain the energy from the frenchard.  I was up in my seat watching and my head was down ready to conceed to the french, but obviously Jason Lezak was not about to do that.  He willed his team to victory, using the fastest ever recorded 100m split in history to overcome the frenchier team at the end…by .08 of a second.

It was definitely good for the sport of swimming and it was good for the USA….especially to shove it in that frenchman’s face…….smash the US….you must be kidding.

See race here

more here

3 Responses to “Best Olympic Swimming Race EVER!”

  1. I agree … It was the BEST Olympic Swimming Race EVER! I was screaming my head off the whole time!!

  2. I think the corresponding race in 2000 was slighly better

  3. I was as proud as I ever was to be an American

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