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Interview With Erin Andrews

Here is a real interview that really helps shed some light on the type of person the fabled and idolized ‘ERIN ANDREWS’ is.  I mean we all know that we’d like to see her in Playboy, but to know that she isn’t some stuckup bee-otch is kind of nice also.  So for all of us that dig sports and chicks we can continue to thank ESPN for investing in someone that helps make sports even better…and more fun to watch.  Take a look at the interview

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4 Responses to “Interview With Erin Andrews”

  1. “The good news? We were only talking about hockey.”

    She, obviously, is excited about hockey and you have the nerve to slam the sport. nice touch.

  2. +100. Respect. 😉

  3. your site is getting better )

  4. free podcast directory…

    Excellent post. Could not have said it any better myself. Hat’s off to a post well said….

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