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Manny Ramirez worse than steriods users?

Even though I have mad respect for the dude’s ability to play baseball I cannot let myself become infatuated with ‘Manny’ because when you really think about the type of baseball player/man/teammate he is one thing MUST come to your mind………..HE LAYED DOWN AND QUIT ON HIS TEAM BECAUSE OF HIS CONTRACT.  And I find it funny how big of deal we have made steriods and unfairly giving yourself an advantage, well what about unfairly giving your team a disadvantage.  That is what this cocky sun of a gun did to the Red Sox, and then he demanded a trade to the team of his choosing and basically held them hostage because they knew that he would continue to lay down and give 10% while playing…..which is despictable!

To read more about the story of him and his stupid fresh start……more


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