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X Games compared to “Real Sports” and UFC

I honestly think that guys and girls in Xgames are some of the most exciting and exhilirating athletes to watch and would really appreciate some effort on their owners/producers/promoters on getting their names out there and mainstream.  I mean look at the UFC.  They were down and out, considered more of a joke than the XFL (please tell me you thought that was a joke) and now look at them.  It is because UFC owners and promoters worked with marketing and advertising professionals and really worked to focus on making the sport as mainstream as possible.  And now look, it has gone beyond the UFC and now it is MMA as a whole that are really hitting stride and grabbing hold of most of their target demographic and then some.  I mean if you go to a bar on a MMA title fight night, a bar that has the fight on PayPreview is going to be packed…NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!  The thing is, now it is starting to filter over into different demographics, and different countries, and now that Donald Trump is involved….there is no telling where it is going to end up…maybe 8pm on NBC.

I just want to see Xgames, as a whole, really take this as a working example and try to follow it because I know that it could work.  Everyone knows there are tons of people that would enjoy watching Xgames, and and are dying to see the hot babes and crazy dudes associated with the sport.  They need to feed off the popular people start investing money and partnering with important people….people that could help your sport.  Let me know if I am way off track, but I know I would rather be watching the Xgames that reruns of Scrubs or Sex and the City……

Xgames XIV results

Oh and here’s a recap page on what happened at Xgames XIV this year…..[more]

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