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Emma Frain does Wii Fit in Bikini

Nintendo in all its infinite wisdom put out the Nintendo Wii and now the Wii Fit board, which does many things well…and definitely promotes healthy activity.  However, this video will show you why hot girls shaking their booty is also what it promotes…..

One Response to “Emma Frain does Wii Fit in Bikini”

  1. are you retarded???? He has you directed to my site at the end of his completely quoting my post……it doesn’t matter the time, because I have edited this post and it doesn’t correctly show the time I originally posted this. But the question I want you to answer is this, “How is someone going to post something before me, and then direct people under this link ‘Read the rest of this great post here’ to my site…when you are implying that I wrote this after him”? Answer that.

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