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2008 Team USA….Is D-Wade Finally Healthy

This version of the USA Olympic Basketball team is starting to hear the whispers…good and bad, and hopefully they don’t listen either way.  With so much pressure from a nation that really DEEP DOWN takes pride in feeling #1 in the world in the department of basketball, it really does mean a lot to the entire nation whether they win or not.  D-Wade being healthy and in-shape will definitely make a big difference that is why it is good for the country to keep on hearing and seeing witness to the fact that he actually may be healthy.  That is why when I read on this “D-Wade the embodiment of Redeem Team” I really couldn’t agree more….read more

One Response to “2008 Team USA….Is D-Wade Finally Healthy”

  1. He is Healthy, I think the knee treatments that they gave him definitely worked, and may mean a new way to treat knee injuries in the future. He should follow Jordan’s model and develop his fadeaway a lilttle more though. But he will dfinitley go farther now in becoming the world’s best!

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