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When will this BRETT FAVRE (Far-vah-rah) stuff go away!

What are your thoughts on all this Farve (Far-vah-rah) stuff?  I personally have been through a range of emotions since his initial retirement a couple of years again.  But right now I am beyond myself in complete annoyance and wish that all this would just GO AWAY!  I mean come on, this dude can’t make up his mind and granted he may be one of the top 5 QBs ever, but seriously, he has run the Packers through the ringer enough…and I COMPLETELY agree with their latest response to this situation.  I mean at this point who wouldn’t rather see Aaron Rogers start for the Packers?  I mean those of us from the Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota areas want to see this guy move on……it has been too many years already!


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