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USA Basketball…..”Do they have a chance?”

I consider myself a big fan and a definite fanatic when it comes to basketball.  Mainly NBA, but come March timeframe and it is all ‘March Madness’ baby.  I did enjoy this past season of NBA basketball, aside from the Game 6 whoopin that Bean Town laid down on LA, and I am excited for next season and the Olympics that are coming up pretty soon.  That leads me to the following given the decline of NBA basketball over the past 15 years how does the USA Basketball team stack up against other countries?  Who in many cases have been playing together for years and years, and bridging the talent-level gap quite considerably over the years.

Lets face it, this team is pretty loaded, but is it fully loaded like the team of old….Remember them back in 1992 (aka. The Dream Team)

Actually this team has several of the best the NBA has to offer but does it have all the players that would be necessary to win, given the level of skill, and the type of play their opponents will showcase this summer?  Personally, I fell Lebron is probably going to be one of the greatest players ever to play, and that can be said about Kobe as well.  However, are they what team USA needs to win?  How about Jason Kidd (under par defense and speed), Carlos Boozer (inconsistent in the big games), Deron WIlliams (unproven and shaky defense skills), Tayshaun Prince (lacks overall size and strength), etc, etc..

Believe me I really hope they can bring home the gold, but I find it hard to believe this is the best we can do.  And seriously if this is, what’s it going to be like in 10 years?  Because you all know that Lebrons, Kobes, and such don’t come around too often.  And then add in the serious distraction that playing overseas is on all the young players coming up because of this stupid ‘1 year in college’ rule.

Well I guess I just miss the gold ole days, when NBA basketball gave us all a reason to smile…….Remember?

2 Responses to “USA Basketball…..”Do they have a chance?””

  1. You haven’t mentioned Chris Paul, who is a superstar in his own right, or Carmelo Anthony, who is a fantastic player.
    I do agree with your assessment of Kidd, however; he has seen better days, but his worst day now is still NBA-caliber. His [worst] day.
    And LeBron…well, suffice it to say there’s just something about the kid. I can’t help it but get a twinge of jealousy whenever I watch him play – we’re the same age, only he’s making millions between his NBA contract and his shoe deal and his assorted other endorsements, and I’m attempting to make strides in corporate America whilst living in a one-bedroom apartment and hoping ethanol doesn’t make eggs hit 3 dollars per dozen.
    Anyway, the team USA has assembled is amazing. I’m a UNC fan, but I know that Coach K is one of the very best to ever grace an arena with his presence, and I’m talking about all time.
    We’ll be good to go.

  2. I agree with you about Chris Paul, but Melo’s attitude issues and his inability to pass the ball (which will be important given there are at least 5 people on the team that are better than him) will undoubtedly cause problems for the team. Again, I am a fan so I hope not, but I cannot go against my gut feeling. Lebron is truly amazing, but it will take more than him and Kobe, especially because the other countries are really starting to hit their stride and can really play well together…..which I hope I can say for USA after this is all over. True props to coach K, even though I don’t like Duke. Good stuff though.

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