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PS3 versus XBOX 360

For all of you who still are obsessed with XBOX please read this and you may learn why it is important for you to sell your XBOX immediately and go buy a PS3

  1. Faster processing power (Cell Power!)
  2. Blu-ray (if you are still looking for HD movies, then you need to go back to your hole)
  3. Free online play (yeah it is a little behind XBOX live, but is gaining fast and will soon ultimately blast by the XBOX’s form of online gaming)

Those are my key points and the reason why I skipped the XBOX 360 and jumped on the PS3 bandwagon. Yeah, they have HALO, and yes it is a great game, but PS3 has plenty of games. (For those of you that love Halo, take a look at the Resistance 2 trailor it looks like it will probably make some waves)

For all of you crazed PS3 loyalists and those of you who consider yourselves PS3 haters….TELL US WHY!

(…but make a valid point or your comment will get deleted and you will be banned.)


One Response to “PS3 versus XBOX 360”

  1. Very interesting blog, i have added it to my fovourites, greetings

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